Wednesday 29 February 2012

An extra Day...

So it's February 29th and this day only comes around once every four years. (But I don't need to tell you that because like myself you probably will have been subjected to not much else in the media today! #slownewsday ).

Now I don't know anyone with a birthday on this notable date and I've not heard of any special proposals today but I have seen lots of 'extra' day promotions and offers! Which is always a good thing of course, I love a good deal!

But all this talk of a 'free day' got me thinking. What would I do with a genuinely 'Free' day?

If I had an extra 24 hours that no-one else got, how would I use it?

I'm always moaning about not having enough hours in the day and fitting in family life with a full time job and my 'hobbies' (such as blogging, managing the local madeformums network and being involved in other local groups). I regularly find myself wishing that time would stop so I could get more done! (Does any one remember watch a show called Benard's Watch as a child? I want that watch!)

I feel like I miss out on so much with my two little monsters now that I'm back at work full time. By the time I get the bus to nursery to pick Elizabeth up, then walk twenty minutes to pick Ben up from after school club, before walking home and making dinner I'm lucky if I get to actually spend an hour of quality time with them on a week day... Although nothing can get in the way of bedtime story time, that takes priority over everything! And is often the most enjoyable half hour of my day!

Then there's the simple things like finding time get a hair cut (not been done since last June, and very badly needed...) or even having a bath with some of the gorgeous smellies that I was given at Christmas and was so excited about at the time but two months later are still in their packaging on the bathroom shelf...

Or sleep... When I've been over committed a bit recently (my hubby says I take too much on and I'm inclined to agree with him at the moment!) I've found myself up till 4am catching up on writing and then up again at 6am to get the children ready and go to work., Obviously this is not good!!

And then the boring things like catching up on the housework, tackling the mountain of ironing, strip washing the nappies, sorting out the spare room or putting together the IKEA wardrobe we bought nearly two months ago, not very exciting to think about but still things taking up a large part of my 'to do' list...

Not too mention finding some alone time with my husband, who works equally as hard. It feels like we are ships passing in the night at the moment, both constantly on the go until we go to bed , me often having to stay up to finish bits of and on the few occasions we do go to bed together we're that exhausted we fall asleep before our heads even hit the pillow!

So rambling aside and going back to my original thoughts what would I do with a 'Free' day all to myself?

How would I prioritise all of the above? Knowing me I would probably end up procrastinating all day and spend the entire time on facebook and twitter!!!!

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