Thursday 29 December 2011

Finger painting, nibbly fingers, knitted mittens and a competition...

Organic baby food brand Ella's Kitchen have just lunched their new Nibbly Fingers toddler snacks and to celebarate they are holding a fabulous finger painting prize draw!

Nibbly fingers are scrummy nibbly snack bars packed with organic fruits and wholegrain oats that don't contain any concentrates or refined sugars. They're the perfect size for toddler's hands and tummies! They come in boxes of 5 individually wrapped bars in a choice of 3 fruity flavours; bananas and raisins, mangos and carrots and strawberries and apples!

The lovely folks at Ellas Kitchen sent the Mymummyspennies family some of their new nibbly fingers to try.

The little bars are perfect for keeping in Mummy's handbag for a snack on the go! Suitable for 12 months plus, they are a hit with both my 13 month old daughter and my 4 year old son. (And I admit Mummy has pinched one too and enjoyed it!)

Elizabeth loves the mango and carrot variety and gets very excited when she sees the bright orange packet come out of my bag! Ben's favourite has to be the banana and raisin ones, which he calls his 'baby flapjacks'.

It's great to have something that the little ones view as a treat but I know doesn't contain nasties such as refined sugars and will actually fill their tummies up until dinnertime and (in my 4 years old's case) will stop the hourly whine of 'mummy, I'm hungry'.

To celebrate the launch of Nibbly Fingers Ellas Kitchen are asking your little ones to share their finger painting artwork in their online gallery! Finger painting is a great rainy day activity and perfect for entertaining the little ones after all the excitement of Christmas! You could even finger paint some thank you cards as a great personalised way of sending your appreciation to friends and family!

Ellas Kitchen are giving away 10 pairs of their very special limited edition hand knitted mittens and goody boxes of Ella’s Kitchen products! All you need to do to enter is email in a photo of your little one's messy magic to, popping 'Finger Painting' in the subject line by midnight on 31 December 2011. Terms and conditions apply

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