Tuesday 11 October 2011

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2in1 Foundation and Serum - A few weeks on....

 So Mummies, a few weeks ago I wrote about my delight at being chosen for Supersavvyme's Savvy Circle project with Max Factor and my first experiences with it! I've now been using Ageless Elixir 2in1 Foundation + Serum, (which claims to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while the added serum simultaneously protects the skin against signs of aging due to it's SPF15) for six weeks and it's about time I updated you with my thoughts!

While I've been off on maternity leave I admit I have let my beauty routine go a bit (some days I wonder how I have the time to get dressed and brush my hair never mind put on face creams and make up!) but as I am returning to work in just three weeks I have been trying to get back into it. So although I have not been wearing make up everyday I have been 'putting my face on' a lot more that usual!

At first this felt a bit weird but after a few days I found that the Max Factor Ageless Elixir is so light on my skin I forget I am wearing it! It's really easy to apply in the mornings taking up just a few minutes of my precious 'Mummy Time' and it blends in smoothly and easily with a make up sponge!

Also you only need to use a really small amount (much less than my previous foundation) so the bottle will last for ages which makes it really good value for money!

I've started to notice a difference in my skin too! I wouldn't say it makes me look years younger (I'm only 27 so I don't look that old to start with!) but it definitely gives my skin a smoother more 'flawless' look when I'm wearing it! I've had comments from friends and I have actually walked past a mirror and admired the reflection of my smooth looking skin thinking it was someone else!

Overall I am really pleased with this foundation! It feels nice and light on my skin, is easy to use, the bottle is a good size that easily fits in the 'Mummy' pocket of my changing bag or my handbag to take out and about with me! Whether it lives up to all of it's claims only time will tell but so far so good!

Now Mummies when I was chosen to be part of this project as well as being sent a bottle of Max Factor Ageless Elixir to use myself I was sent some samples and money off vouchers to give out to family and friends so they could try this new product also! I have now given most of these out but have 3 samples and vouchers left and I thought why not give some of my lovely readers the chance to try this fantastic new product and see what they think? So if any of you would be interested in trying the new Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2in1 Foundation + Serum in Natural (shade 50) please let me know below! I have three sachets (single use) and £2 off vouchers (for use in Boots only) to send out.

This isn't a competition, just a chance for some of you to try this new product and post on here or the facebook page to tell me what you think (pictures would be fab too!) If more than 3 people comment by Saturday I will do a random draw....


  1. I would love to try this! Always on the lookout for something to help with the (not so) fine lines.. My son is 2 and is a terrible sleeper so always looking for something to hide or help with my ever increasing lack of sleep look :)

    Shelley Bird - Facebook

  2. Hi, I would love to try this for you. I have so much trouble finding products to make my skin look refreshed and not so worn out - not easy with 3 kids
    Facebook - Hayley Todd

  3. Hiya, would love to try it please as find foundation dries my skin out, so would love to see if this would suit my skin or not!beckyt22@hotmail.co.uk

  4. hi, i would like to try this also! i need some new foundation that actually suits my skin! email me at jenjen_1@hotmail.co.uk
    thanks so much :) x

  5. Your skin looks really lovely! i would love to try this, i've been thinking i could do with some new foundation!

  6. would love to try it please as find foundation dries my skin out, so would love to see if this would suit my skin

  7. Would love to try it could do with a beauty boost with a 6 yr old, 4 yr old and a 10 month old lets just say if I get more than two hrs sleep that's considered my beauty regime, I've been looking for a new product to use as I have realty tired looking skin.


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