Tuesday 13 September 2011

We have a tooth!! Some Mummy Saving Products that have helped us on our teething Journey!

It's been a while getting here, but my daughter Elizabeth Rose had her first tooth through today!!!!

If you are a regular reader you will probably be aware that my daughter Elizabeth has been showing signs of teething for over four months now! I was starting to think she would be One before her first tooth made an appearance! She has had swollen gums, puffy red cheeks, temperatures and been gumming on everything on and off since May! But yesterday when she was 9 months and 23 days old her very first tooth appeared!

The teething experience with Elizabeth has been very different than with my son Ben, who is now 4. He first showed signs of teething at four months and the first tooth appeared 2 days later, then within 8 weeks he had 6 teeth! I'm not saying he didn't suffer, we went through plenty of teething gel, and nelsons teetha granules (and on a couple of occasions when he had a temperature calpol) but it all seemed so quick and relatively easy in comparison to the last few months with his little sister!

Since Elizabeth first started showing signs of teething I have been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to try some fantastic and innovative teething products and write reviews for them on this blog to share my thoughts with you lovely readers!

Well we've certainly discovered some Mummy Saving Buys that are really worth Mummies Pennies!

Every teething product I have reviewed on here still gets used on an regular basis and I would recommend them all! I wear one of my fantastic Teething Bling pendants everyday (I now have them in two colours!) which Elizabeth loves gumming away on and playing with while breastfeeding. She wears the beautiful Dino-Daisy Baltic Amber Teething Anklet all the time and only takes it off for bath time and swimming! The NUBY Twisty Bugs Teether toy really entertains Elizabeth as well as giving her a variety of surfaces to chew on and is always on hand in the changing bag when we go out!

There are two more recent teething products that we have been sent to review that you'll be able to read about very soon. The fabulously natural and sustainable Hevea Panda Soother and the Baroque Cognac Amber Teething Necklace from Wildsheep.

Of course we have still had teething gel, Nelson's Teetha granules and Calpol in the cupboard but with the help of these other teething aids they have rarely been needed! I would like to thank the lovely companies that have given me the opportunity to review their products for helping us get to this point!

I will now start on the adventure of breastfeeding a baby with a tooth!! Any breastfeeding Mummies who can reassure me it not as bad as I'm imagining??

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