Monday 26 September 2011

Never listen to your husband...

So Today I was expecting to be at my children's Great Grandad's 90th Birthday Celebrations, but instead I've spent the day doing housework and putting together some flat pack furniture! Why? Because the party was yesterday, and thanks to Hubby we very nearly didn't make it!

My husband has a very close family and I suppose because this is such a contrast to my own it's something I really appreciate. As well as his parents and two brothers he is lucky enough to still have both sets of grandparents. (Sadly mine have long passed away). This means my children are fortunate to have 2 sets of great-grandparents so get spoilt even more than most little ones!

Every year we go round to visit my husbands Grandad on his birthday, on the 25th September. Although for some reason this year I had a feeling it was a 'big' birthday, but when I asked my husband a few weeks ago, he told me no, not yet I think it's 88 or 89! So trusting for once as always, what my darling other half told me I went out and bought a card ready. It was only last week when my brother in law called and said he was making a special cake that was working out to be more expensive than he had thought so would we like to put towards it as as our gift, (I jumped at the chance as I never know what to buy for Hubby's relatives and he never provides any useful ideas!) that I thought to ask someone other than 'the husband' if it was a special birthday and found out it was in fact his 90th!

So after going out and buying another card I persuaded hubby to speak properly to his family and find out the arrangements, he came back to me saying it was going to be a big family party to celebrate the occasion and we needed to be there at 3pm. So we made our plans for the weekend keeping Sunday (the 25th) free and I made sure that we had smart clothes ready for Ben and Elizabeth. We had lots of boring things to do on Saturday, including housework, a food shop and putting together our IKEA furniture. So yesterday we had just got home from the food shop and were unpacking the flat-pack boxes (we already had polystyrene everywhere as Ben was helping!) when the phone rang and it was my brother in Law asking where we were! At Home I replied, thinking what a strange question! So aren't you coming to the party then? he asked questioningly. It was at this point I began to notice the background noise and slowly realised what he was implying! The party was Saturday and It was already 4.30! Rushing off the phone, I ran round like a mad women trying to get us all in the car, some nappies in a bag, and the card written in the space of 5 minutes! Realised that we all looked a bit worse for wear in our Saturday scruffs, a contrast to the 'Sunday Best I had laid out in Ben's bedroom but not having enough time to do anything about it I grabbed a hairbrush and locked up!

So we made it, nearly two hours late but better late than never! Luckily 'great-grandad' was having a lovely time and didn't seem to notice how ridiculously late we were! We all had a great time, the children were fussed over and stuffed full of food, I met family members of hubby's that even he didn't know he had and the cake my brother in law had made was incredible, it had 3 tiers and included sparklers and fireworks! Ben was awestruck by it! Although it all turned out OK in the end, next time I will not be trusting hubby to tell me when we have to be somewhere!

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