Monday 1 August 2011

A Sunday Night Moan...

So folks another week has gone already! And what a week its been! I started off really tired as it had been a long weekend... up early on Saturday to pick the in laws up from the airport and then another early morning on Sunday for the car boot sale!

When Monday morning came around I wanted to curl up in bed with Missy NOT get up and take her to baby swimming! But it was the last session on the course and there wouldn't be any more classes until September so off we went! It was a great class and Elizabeth enjoyed it as usual, giggling away and splashing for most of the lesson... and she did her very first 'free swim!' (It's only seconds on her own, the teacher lets her go under the water and I catch her as comes up) I was a very proud Mummy and it brought back memories of doing the same with Ben three and a half years ago!

So after the walk back from swimming I was even more tired but I had the representative coming from 'Recycle for Greater Manchester' to present us with our fantastic 'Real Nappy Prize' than we won from the 'real nappy week' competition! So I brushed my (still damp from swimming) hair, routed out some lip-gloss and myself and Elizabeth had our picture taken to appear on the website, Elizabeth looks cute, but I look awful in it! :(

After he had left I couldn't resist taking a few a LOT of pictures of Elizabeth surrounded by her fabulous new collection of fluff! (Some of which are in my earlier blog post)

We had a restful few days, Tuesday and Wednesday, mainly playing in the garden and popping to 'Messy Play' at the local Children's centre on Wednesday.

Then on Thursday Morning after being his lively self when he got up, Ben suddenly started being violently sick just after his breakfast and throughout the rest of the day, at one point I got quite worried as he couldn't keep any liquids down at all for a while so I called the doctor's and they said to pop in.

Of course with Ben being like that Missy didn't know what was going on and wanted lots of cuddles, So as much as I tried to keep them apart, it was hard, and by mid afternoon she had started vomiting too. After popping to the Dr's (where for the first time EVER we waited less than 30 minutes) and being assured that it was just a tummy bug and as long as they both managed to keep some liquids down (which Ben was now thankfully doing) they should get it out of their systems in a day or so.

But this meant poor Ben missed the last swimming lesson in his course, which should have been Friday, he was really upset about it but was in no fit state to go so I have promised to take him next week.

So since Thursday I have had two poorly ickle children, (who by Saturday had stopped vomiting but were still tired and not quite them selves until this afternoon). Ben is just getting back to eating normally but Missy seems to have reverted back to breastfeeding 8 times a day (and night) and rejecting any solids, hopefully she'll feel like her food a bit more tomorrow.

So I have been getting behind on what I call my 'Internet stuff' (General surveys, MadeforMums listings and of course Mymummyspennies...) So have been up till the early hours last night and tonight trying to catch up, (But I am still a bit behind on writing up some reviews so will be working extra hard to catch up on those this week!)  then as my 'luck' would have it at the moment, something else went wrong and our PC monitor (My laptop broke last year and was never replaced ) decided to have a 'hissy fit!' :( (As I write this it's like a flashing strobe light show) So there's another expense to pay out for a new monitor...

Anyways thanks for reading and sorry for going on but I have actually found it quite therapeutic to type out my moans (I may do it again, at least then hubby doesn't have to listen to them!) I am so glad my little angels are feeling better and hopefully this new week and new month will be a better one!

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