Thursday 4 August 2011

Natural Organic Hair & Beauty from Lush Duck

As you will know I like to use natural and organic products where possible, and I find this especially important when it comes to beauty and skin care. If I don't want 'nasties' such as toxins and chemicals in the food my family and I eat why would I want them in the products we use on our skin?
That is why I am so pleased to have discovered the fabulous Lush Duck!

Who are Lush Duck?

Lush Duck are a new online business selling Natural Organic Hair & Beauty products from well-known brands. Lush Duck’s co-founder Amanda has always been passionate about beauty products and their benefits. Amanda is a fully qualified beauty therapist and knows and understands the effects of using chemical rich products on our skin. Armed with this passion & knowledge Amanda
and her partner set to work on creating a website where people can buy chemical free products that are pure and kind to both you & the environment, Lush Duck was born on the 6th July 2011.

Why Natural Products?

Many of us are simply not aware of the chemicals found in commercial hair & skin care products, some common nasties found in everyday hair & beauty products are;

•SLS – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a de-greaser known to cause drying of the skin.
•Parabens – a type of preservative believed to be carcinogenic.
•Phthalates – hormone mimicking chemicals, some studies believe this has been linked to feminisation of babies when exposed to high doses in the womb.
•Formaldehyde – harsh chemical that can cause skin irritation and has been linked to
  respiratory problems.

The above are just some examples of common ingredients found in commercial products. Lush Duck only offer products that are sourced from nature and are toxic-free. There are many benefits to using natural hair & beauty products; it is estimated that our skin absorbs up to 60% of the products we put on it, not surprising really when you think our skin is the largest organ of our body. By using natural, kind, pure & no-toxic ingredients you can be sure no nasties are entering the blood stream.
Natural products are great for people that are prone to skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin or any other skin ailments.
Another good reason for using natural organic beauty products are environmental issues. Chemical rich products get washed down the plug hole and back in to our water system, so using natural ingredients is kinder to our environment.
Feel good factor, knowing you are using natural beauty products that are kind & pure gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, that’s a must have feeling!

What Products Do Lush Duck Offer?

Lush Duck offer a range of natural organic hair & beauty products;

Hair Care – a range of natural hair care products to suit all types of hair, if you have ever suffered with dry, itchy or stressed out hair as a result of using chemical rich products then this is a must have.

Skin Care- this range of natural skin care products covers everything you need for the ultimate in face pampering, experience skin care from natural ingredients that will leave you feeling blissed-out and beautiful.

Body Care – Unwind from the day’s stress with this range natural body care products that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Baby Care – We all want the very best for our little ones, now you can with this range of pure natural baby care products that are kind & gentle to babies’ skin, the way it should be!

Men’s Care – have you ever felt sore, been left with skin rashes from shaving? Try natural mens care products and feel the difference.

Lush Duck also offers gift vouchers, gift packs and run special offers from time to time so be sure you keep an eye out for some great deals! The range of products are also growing so be sure to look out for promotional items and samples.

Great! How Can I Connect With Lush Duck?

For further information and to view all of  Lush Duck’s product range please visit their website

Lush Duck can be found on Facebook – this is a great way to stay up to date with the latest product updates, promotions and from time to time some FREE product giveaways.

You can follow Lush Duck on Twitter – another great way to be kept up-to date with the latest news and info.

They offer FREE standard UK Delivery and currently have a fabulous 10% discount for all new customers, see their website for further details...

Keep watching Mymummyspennies as we will be trying some of Lush Duck's fabulous products and reporting back... See our review here.


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