Tuesday 2 August 2011

At least we didn't need to water the plants....

Ben with his Hanging Basket!

So this afternoon myself and the the little ones went to a community day at our local children's centre, which was run by SOCS (Streets of Community Spirit, a local lottery funded community project).

Although due to Missy having a restless night with her teeth and her routine being disturbed we got there quite late, we still had a fabulous time! We got to meet some lovely people, had some healthy snacks and Ben helped create a lovely hanging basket full of a variety of flowers and plants that we then got to bring home! He really enjoyed digging in, choosing the plants he wanted, and getting covered in soil!

Missy was fussed over by everyone and there were lots of activities for the children including colouring and face painting (although Ben decided at the last minute he didn't want his face painted after all!)

It really was a fantastic day and getting the children to create the hanging baskets was a fabulous idea. Best of all it was completely FREE! And only round the corner from us so we walked and it didn't cost us anything to get there!

Even if you're not a regular at your local children's Centre classes or groups it's really worth finding out what activities they have on over the Summer for Free or really cheap days out!!

So we'd had a lovely afternoon and were walking home with our beautiful new hanging basket talking about where we were going to hang it when all of a sudden the heaven's opened and the bright sunny day suddenly turned into a very wet one! I hadn't taken the pram (or a any coats!) as it had been sunny and warm when we left the house (and all afternoon up to this point!) So I started to run and was stressing about us all getting wet through and catching colds, when all of a sudden Missy, who had been quite grumpy all day suddenly started giggling, which just set me off and then Ben!

We must have looked a right sight, Me with a hanging basket in one hand, Ben holding the other and Missy in the sling, all of us dripping wet running in the rain and laughing our heads off like crazy people.....

Oh well, at least we didn't need to water the plants when we got home!

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