Sunday 10 July 2011

Win a prize bundle from MAM UK!

The lucky winner is Laura Hare!

Congrats Laura! Please email me at or pm me on facebook (Jennifer Dixon) with your address details and I'll pass them on to MAM UK!

MAM, like all great success stories, started off with a vision. Throughout the mid 1970’s, discerning parents were often forced to compromise between safety and style when purchasing products for their children. Peter Röhrig, MAM Founder and a qualified plastics engineer who has a modern understanding of the market, revolutionized the industry by developing safe, yet stylish baby products that include medical benefits not found in competing brands. Upon MAM’s inception, Peter Röhrig, along with his team of medical experts and studio designers, worked hard to develop a pacifier that raised standards for both design and functionality. The first MAM pacifier was sold in 1976 and has gradually evolved into the world's leading authority on the design of baby products.

Since 1976, MAM's working relationship with designers, technology specialists and its medical and scientific expert partners regularly yields ground-breaking design and material solutions. Today, more than forty million MAM baby products are sold every year making the Austrian company the world’s leading designer brand in the industry.
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 You may have seen our review of the very funky MAM perfect soother, if not check it out here! And Elizabeth is currently having her mealtime drinkies from a great MAM Trainer Cup, watch out for the full review in the next few days...

The lovely people at MAM have kindly agreed to donate a prize bundle consisting of  an Anti Colic Self Sterilising bottle 160ml, a soother and a pack of two soother clips to one lucky mymummyspennies reader!

For your chance to win this great prize just comment below to tell me what was your best baby bargain buy?

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  • If the winner does not contact me within 3 days of their name being chosen a second winner will be drawn.
  • Competition will close 9pm 29th July.
  • only entries that have complied with the rules of entry will be valid.

(include in your comment your facebook name and how many entries you are claiming)

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  1. my best baby bargan buy has to be my baby gym we only paid £6 for it brand new and it should have cost £57.99, Im following your blog, following mam uk and following your facebook page

  2. shared on my wall and on free things & competitions (i am 1 of admins), hayley kinnaird, rachel marie clynch, muckmoo mse, danielle mse carter.(facebook name emma speers)

    My best bargain was monitors (angelcare) with a sensor mat - i bought brand new from a person who had never used, cost £35 and were £100 in the shops when i got it :) Have lasted my 2nd baby and now my 3rd and will then be passed on...great peace of mind!

  3. I just thought - lol - that wasnt my best buy at all... it was my pushchair, a graco duo tandem - i got it from ebay but brand new boxed... i paid £100 for the chair, raincover and car seat and car seat base - should have cost over £500! The best bit was when the in laws found out, they offered to pay it for us so double bargain ;) (facebook emma speers)

  4. i have liked both mam uk and mymummyspennies my best buy was probably my first puahchair it was a graco one in front i purchased it with footmuffs 2 car seats 2bases and changing bag for £200 the pushchair in the shops is over £200 by itself. i bought it on ebay from someone who had bought it all but unfortunatly didnt require it in the end. i also donated some money to there charity for there little girls.

  5. our best baby buy has to be Amelias first clarks shoes , we were thrilled to bits to get her beautiful pink leather shoes for six pounds !!and they took her photo too !! very happy mummy and daddy xxx keeping fingers and toes crossed for your MAM competition as we love their products xx

  6. My best baby bargain was was a double buggy i bought it was shop soiled and cost £40 , they wasnt going to sell it cos it had marks on it so i mithered them to sell it to me for cheap and won :)

  7. My best bargain was definately my travel cot, a friends partner works at my local tip, the travel cot was taken up there but was still in all its original packaging, unopened and so he gave it to us, it cost us nothing for a brand new mothercare travel cot!!! I already like Mam UK and Mymummiespennies on fb,and have shared the competition on my facebook, posted it to my profile.

  8. Got so many bargains at our local NCT nearly new sale ..but the best one was a Graco Swing for a £10! Bargain

  9. My nappy bin or £3 at an nct sale. Follow both on Facebook and the blog. Will share comp now

  10. My best bargain buy for my little one was his beautiful oval cot which I bought for £50. I then resold it for the same price when he outgrew it. I have followed both on facebook and followed your blog via Google friends. I have shared the comp on my facebook page - Sue Robinson Mse

  11. I bought pram in excellent condition on ebay.I paid £60( £325 new).
    I've already liked MAM UK facebook page
    I've liked your facebook page
    I shared the competition on my facebook wall
    I follow your blog via GFC as Marzena and via networked blogs

    my facebook name Marzena Szy
    5 entries for me,please


  12. hi ive added on fb networked blog and on my fb wall.

    the best bargain ive ever had was my mothercare spin for £270 brand new instead of £500 x

  13. Danielle Mse CarterWednesday, July 13, 2011

    Hi!! <3

    I follow your blog and already like both FB pages and have also shared on my wall on FB which i have tagged you in :)

    My best bargain has to be my Koochi Twin stroller which i got for £70 - worth £180 and it had only been used once or twice by a friend!!

    Bargain came in handy when my 2nd LO arrived and suddenly found myself with 2 kids under 2 ;)

    Good Luck everyone :)

  14. My best baby bargain was a Mama's and Papa's wooden changing unit! A mum at the school I was working at had a garage full of things and said I could have the lot for free if I could take it away, it included a baby swing, baby carrier, the wooden changing unit and lots more I went and got both her children a present and her a bunch of flowers but she was just happy to have her garage back :o)

    following your blog via networked blogs and I already like both the fb pages

    Katie Irving (4 entries for me please)

  15. Our best buy without a doubt was the MAM Anti Colic bottles. My daughter was suffering terribly before we started using these and within a week was like a different baby! And they were also BOGOF in Sainsburys at the time which was a total bargain! I bought 6 gorgeous pink bottles and all of the different size teats too! xx

  16. My biggest bargain was a set of 5 new tots bots easyfit nappies in mothercare, they had been marked incorrectly but they said they had to sell them to us at that price as it was their mistake! 5 new BTP nappies for £1.80!!

    I like you and MAM on facebook, so 3 entries for jody smith please!!

  17. michaela britton with 2 extra entries (mam fb and your fb)
    My best baby bargain was the MAM starter set which i got from TKMax for only £16 which is a huge saving compared to its usual price elsewhere

  18. i have liked both fb pages

    my best bargain buy was a boots swim nappy it fit my son for nearly 2 years and only cost me £2.50

  19. I like both FB pages and follow your blog

    My best bargain was a high chair that was £30 instead of £80... although I did get lots of free stuff which was even better! hehe

  20. My best bargain was a bumbo which a friend of a friend gave us for free as her little one didn'6t get on with it.

    I know they can be quite expensive and so I offered to pay her for it but she didn't want anything and was happy to give it to us.

    I will be passing it on when we have finished with it to a friend as well.

  21. My best bargain baby buy has got to be the rocking horse I've bought for my little girl for christmas from mamas and papas it was half price even though I was gonna buy it at full price so its saved me a lot of money and can't wait to give it her. I'm a massive fan of MaAM UKs facebook page aswell as your facebook page I'm also following your blog on both facebook connect and google friend connect. my facebook name is Carly Markham

  22. My best bargain is a tough one really, we got a lovely Mamas and Papas cot for £30, but we also got out Pliko P3 for £40, gotta love second hand stuff!

    For extra entries I'm a fan of both MAM UK and your page with Arriane Preston, and I'm also following this blog with Google Frient Connect, so 3 extra entries :)

  23. My Best Bargain Has To Be My Blossom Sit Me Up Cosy. Was In ELC Sale At £10!!! :D Love It! :)

    Have shared on facebook, liker of MAM UK & Your facebook page. :)

    Stephanie Broadley

  24. Hi Leah Sullivan from fb again profile

    My best bargain had to be my daughter's Moses basket set which I got in the January sales reduced from £60 to £26.50!

    Could I please have 4 extra entires for all of the above... shared on my fb wall :) xxx

  25. Hi Leah Sullivan shared your blog & competition with me oh FB.

    My best buys I've had were my childrens summer clothes. I always buy clothes for the year ahead when they are reduced to £1 & £3 in the M&S Sale Final Reductions. Last time I got jeans, leather boots, t-shirts - I got a whole winter wardrobe of quality products for next year for 2 kids for £30. Tips for others - shop around the different local stores, they all have different stoc.

    Sharing comp on FB as Honora Livesey and will tag in status.

  26. Louise CakebreadThursday, July 28, 2011

    My best bargain was my pushchair. Mamas n papas pramette with both rain covers and changing bag for £60 when its still selling in the shops for £450 bought off a friend of a friend.
    I have liked both pages,become a follower, and shared on facebook so am claiming 5 entries in total. And my name is Louise Cakebread

  27. Fab comp :) im following you via facebook,NWblogs,GFconnect,also following mam uk & ill give you another shout out on my page 'baby comps and give aways uk'

    My best bargain buy was my travel system from the baby show in may, just a week before i was ready to buy it from mother care for £600+ but at the baby show i got my chassis,stroller,carrycot,x2colour packs,footmuff,changing bag & maxi cosi car seat all brand new for a mear £399!!

    My sister bought me a Brand new car seat from wilkinsons what should have been £65 for £7!!!!

    Can i claim 5entries please ...
    Facebook.. Allie rosemama (baby comps and give aways uk )


  28. My best baby bargain buy has to be the pram.I managed to buy it on ebay for £40 and including the car seat.Would cost me to buy in the shops £300.Definitely a happy shopper :-)
    I've liked MAM UK facebook page
    I've liked your facebook page
    I am following your blog via GFC as Eva

    My name is Eva Hunt
    4 entries for me,please xx

  29. Hi there! Karolina Sychta is following your blog and likes both MAM UK and mummyspennies :)

    My best bargain was my pushchair - Mothercare My 3 bundle (with car seat, raincover, pramette accessories) which originaly was £400 and I got it (brand new) for £150!
    And also the latest - MAM starter pack for £6.99 :D


  30. My best bargain is the SilverCross stroller I purchased in a mothercare sale for my son, its perfect unisex colours and is going to last through our 2nd child no problems (due october) just love it, I always get comments on how nice it is aswell!

    Have done all of the above, claiming 5 please!

    Shared on FB, Irene 'Peedie' Wares

  31. My best bargain is our cot bed and mattress we bought our baby daughter we'd saved really hard for it and it cost £300 but when they scanned it through the till it only rang up at £100 after 20 minutes of them trying to rectify it they let us have for the lower price.. i was so chuffed :)

  32. I'm also following the mam fb page and mymummyspennies fb page.
    I'm following your blog and have shared with all my fb friends

  33. Our best bargain is fisher price rocking chair, we bought it for only £15 brand new using a discount code..l'm following mam uk and following your facebook page.
    my facebook name: tasneem al-qaruity

    Thanks xxx


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