Thursday 21 July 2011

Water Wipes

 As you know I am a recent convert to 'real nappies' and I love them! I use 'real nappies' on my daughter for a number of reasons, one of which is that I don’t like the idea of all the chemicals that disposable nappies contain being close to my daughter's delicate skin. So it shocked me when I read the ingredients on the packet of ‘baby wipes’ I regularly use and realised that the ‘pure’ wipes I considered to be gentle on my daughter’s bottom, hands and face, actually contained a long list of chemicals. This has made me consider using 'real wipes' and I have recently ordered some which will be arriving soon, but in the mean time I was given the opportunity to review 'Water Wipes - the world's purest baby wipe...'

I have now been using Water Wipes for a week and I’m very impressed!

I have used them not just with my 8 month old daughter but also with my 3 year old son and myself!

They are great for wiping sticky faces, mucky hands and removing make up as well as cleaning bottoms!

Water Wipes are made using 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract, and NOTHING else!

So I know exactly what is touching my daughter’s precious skin. The wipes are also biodegradable so I know that I am keeping my impact on the environment to a minimum.

They come in packs of 72 (currently £2.99 on Amazon) in the same format as most ‘baby wipes’, the re-sealable tap on the top of the packet kept it’s stickiness well, so I was able to reseal the pack after every use and the wipes stayed moist right down to the last one. The wipes came out of the packet individually which is great as there’s nothing worse that pulling five wipes out together and having to stuff them back into the packet! I found the packaging simple and easy to use.

Each individual wipe felt soft and moist in my hand but not sticky and they easily cleaned my daughter’s bottom, the wipes were very absorbent and I was able to use just one wipe for dirty bottoms where as with other brands I may have used two or even more. There was no overpowering scent to the wipe which I have always disliked with other baby wipes. My daughter is currently teething which can often cause a rash on her bottom but while using these wipes her skin has remained clear and rash free.

I would definitely use Water Wipes again and would recommend them to any Mummy who wants the purest commercial 'baby wipe' for their babies skin! Although I am making the move to 'real wipes', being realistic I know that I will still need to use baby wipes on occasion for convenience and 'Water Wipes' will now be the brand I go for!

The only negative comments I have are that they are not more widely available at a competitive price, and that there was nothing on the packaging to say that it was recyclable.

 Water wipes have launched The Great Bottom Campaign so that parents everywhere can be aware of the ingredients in their baby wipes. They want parents everywhere to turn their packs over, read the ingredients and see for themselves what it says on the bottom of their baby wipes.

As part of The Great Bottom Campaign, they’ll donate a pack of WaterWipes to Bliss and a pack to Irish Premature Babies, for every 10 people who ‘LIKE’ them on Facebook.  So click here to go to the Great Bottom Campaign page on facebook and help to get even more packs donated to these worthy charities!

Click here to find out where you can purchase Water Wipes.

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