Monday 18 July 2011

Competition to win one of 3 HiPP Weaning Starter Packs!

Weaning Starter Pack
Competition now closed! And the winners are....

Arrianne Preston
Eva Hunt
Adele Baxter

Congratulations Mummies! Please email your address details to and I will pass them on the the lovely people at HiPP to have your prizes sent out!

Mymummyspennies has recently had the opportunity to review the new range of 100% Fruit Pouches from HiPP Organic and they were a hit with the whole family! If you missed it check out the review here.

You can also find out more about the fabulous new 100% fruit range on the HiPP website.

The lovely people at HiPP have also been kind enough to donate some fantastic weaning starter packs worth over £10 each for 3 lucky mymummyspennies readers' to win! Good Luck!

For your chance to win one of these great prizes just comment below and share a 'food' related 'money saving' tip!

For extra entries (1 for each of below)

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t's and c's

  • winner will be selected by random draw
  • open to residents of UK only.
  • Facebook is no way affiliated with this competition.
  • If the winners do not contact me within 3 days of their name being chosen another winner will be drawn.
  • Competition will close 9pm 5th August. Extended! Now closes 9pm Saturday 6th August.
  • only entries that have complied with the rules of entry will be valid.


  1. Kirstie Bain 2 entries. Join every single baby club so that you receive free samples and money off vouchers. From supermarket ones to baby food and nappy clubs.

    2. Contact your local surestart centre (whilst you can). Mine recently held a cook and taste session. This was a free session for 3 mums with a nutritionist. We helped her cook 3 different meals for a weaning baby and she showed us how to turn them into a meal for all the family. We got to take home each meal, which latest for 2 weeks. We also received a free sippy cup and starter bowl

  2. michaela britton with 3 extra entries (hipp 'like' your fb 'like' and sharing on my fb page.
    Try and make as much food from scratch as possible and freeze for when you need it. Buy fresh fruit and puree it for weaning and also try fresh veg or left over veg from dinners.
    Join as many fb or websites that you can that offer freebies or samples, especially supermarket baby groups as they always give out freebies

  3. write out your family meals for the week, then only buy the food u need for those meals, this has cut our shopping bill right down!

  4. HI im a friend of both pages and im following this blog im also going to share this on my fb wall.

    My food tip join the money saving expert you caan get a ton of vouchers off there and it also informs you of any offers on at your local store.

    Also cook meals from scratch like spag bol it works out so much cheaper than buying jars.
    Gemma handley

  5. We'll be giving him what we eat for the most part, although we will be giving him some puréed organic food too! I'm a fan of both pages and I'm following the blog with networked blogs (Arriane Preston), so 4 entries total :)

  6. Elizabeth Williams, 3 entries all together. Cook food from scratch and freeze any extras for further meals for the family and make your own purees and free extra for weaning. Also joining loads of baby and fb sites to get any freebies and samples going free.

  7. my tip- when I buy a food I am looking for offers " buy one get one free " or "take 3 pay for 2"

    I have liked both FB pages as Marzena Szy
    I follow your blog as Marzena
    I shared on my FB wall as Marzena Szy

    5 entries for me, please


  8. Money Saving tip- Go to your local fruit and veg shop when buying fresh fruit... you can often get twice the amount of food than at a supermarket for the same price... plus it's often in better condition.

    I follow your blog as manfa.lou or Samantha Fenn, Like you on FB, Like HIPP on FB and have shared the comp on my FB wall

    5 entries in total =)

  9. Sharon Curran 3 entries (Liked on facebook, Follow through Google Connect, liked Hip Organic Page on FB and commented here).

    My top tip for money saving when it comes to food is to find out what time your local supermarket reduces all the days stock. Head there and buy usually expensive items like meat and put them in your freezer (if you have one obviously) they will keep for quite a while and you should be able to save yourself a few pennies by doing it.

  10. Hi Leah Sullivan here from Facebook - Profile

    I have so many food money saving tips as with 5 of us in the household, along with the dog I need to be as frugal as possible! My main one is to buy the larger packs/jars etc of things and then once the food is made only eat what you need to then freeze the leftovers! I can often have another couple of meals left over for the children with things like pasta, which is always good for those rare evenings when my husband and I want to treat ourselves to a cheeky takeaway :) xxx

    Ooh and I am claiming 4 extra entires please for all of the above... have shared on my fb wall etc. My daughter is 5 months old and I literally bought her the baby rice to try weaning her this weekend, so this pack would be a real treat for her. I love Hipp organic!

  11. My money saving tip is to shop at cheaper supermarkets and food stores to get the best deals - such as Asda and Aldi etc as many of their items are often half the price of other supermarkets. Also dont ever go food shopping when you are hungry as you will end up buying lots more than you would usually!! lol.

    Claiming 4 extra entries as have done all the above. Would love to win! email: xx

  12. meant to say shared this on my FB wall x

  13. money saving tip is '' grow your own'', make a little veg patch in your garden.

    3 extra entries liked both pages and followed your blog , so 4 entries in total
    olivia doherty on facebook

  14. I always collect the food vouchers and keep then in my purse.You'd be pleasantly surprised how much I can save by using them...definitely a very good money saving tip xx

  15. Liked the HiPP facebook page

  16. Liked the mymummyspennies facebook page

  17. Following mymummyspennies using networked blogs

  18. Join the baby groups - there are so many! Different stores, baby food companies, facebook pages and so on have groups / blogs / forums not only to give you endless money saving tips and advice, but also to get great vouchers sent to you and also free samples of products and also run great competitions! This has been the best thing for me in saving money and also trying out new products, often very cheap if not free! facebook name and liker emma speers.

  19. Hiya Becki Clarke here from facebook. 2 extra entries i like hipp fb page and mymummyspennies FB page.
    I always look for ways to save money and i find making a big batch and feezing lasts longer aswell as making slight adjustments to our own food so baby can eat and its always good to grow your own fruit and veg its not that hard when you know how and goes so far :) Another great tip is buy the offer jars and pouches in bulk works out cheaper and they last long when not opened. Good luck all mummy's great comp :)

  20. My food related money saving tip is look on to pick up the best buys!!


  21. Already liked Hipp Organic


  22. I already like mymummyspennies on facebook

  23. I am already following you

  24. my best money saving tip is free food there are so many fruit trees on common land that noone uses every autum i get apples, blackberries, damsonsand plums i can make jam, pie, crumble for a few pence just freeze and they last months, i also ask local farmers for the veg the suppermarkets dont want alot just ask a few pence for what costs pounds in a shop some will give you it, ok its not pretty but it tastes good.
    ive liked hipp your facebook and your blog
    joanna gourlay

  25. I have shared on my facebook page

  26. My best food/money saving tip is to buy meat from the butcher rather than the superstores. A large joint of meat can be used for so many different meals, broken down into portions, sliced for sandwiches, minced for pies etc. Its great knowing the meat your kids eat isnt pumped full of water and preservatives plus it works out cheaper in the long run.
    I've commented and liked the listed pages. You can contact me on FB Laura Silver or email

  27. money off vouchers i have a purse full!

    following blog and Fb page

    Tina holmes on fb (

  28. im claiming 4 allthe things above so 4 entries.and again ive got to say my tip is vouchers too x

  29. dont throw away left overs if you can use them another day

    following your blog, facebook page and hipp's facebook page, also shared in facebook as nikki moore can be contacted on

  30. My baby girl is only 10 days old, but I plan to make a bulk of food for her and freeze it, so i can defrost portions at different times. I also agree about vouchers, I have been collecting a few!
    I follow you via GFC and on Facebook.

    I'm Adele Baxter and email is:

  31. Oh I also have been a liker of the Hipp fb page for a while x

  32. Hi there!
    Karolina Sychta here with 4 extra entries!
    Like yours and Hipps fb page, am following your blog and shared on my wall :)

  33. Liked Hipp's FB page
    Like MyMummy's FB page, plus tagged & shared the link with everyone on my wall.
    Following this blog :)

    @grannybiker on Twitter
    Grannybiker MSE on FB
    Google accoung won't stay logged in for me to comment, been trying for last 10 minutes :(

  34. Hello

    Beth Potts with 2 entries like yours and the hipp page on facebook.

    1. Use frozen vegetables instead of fresh, they are actually fresher.
    2. Join and like as many clubs/pages as possible to receive freebies and fab money off vouchers

  35. Just to let you know I received the pack over the weekend, can't wait for the fun to begin!


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